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Many of you know that this man, as well as the details of the cycle is the cycle that was probably at the time of his death, a good source and is used by many people as having a good acceptance. For those of you that you haven't seen, I think it is interesting to read, just blowing you do the above consider BB. hgh 20 It is the last loop before his death Andreas Munzer: weeks 1-10 ephedrine aspirin clenbuterol scheduled valium Captagon 1-United States, d drug. h. any legitimate medical use is a type of amphetamine weeks 1-5 stimulant Cytomel 500 mg per day of test enanthate was 152 mg of Parabolan 150 mg of Dianabol per day daily 150 mg/day of Halotestin 20 IU HGH / day 20 IU per week day insulin 6-8 300 mg/day of Masteron 152 mg/day of 250 mg Parabolan/day Winstrol tablets of 150 mg/day of 50 mg/day of Halotestin, Winstrol inj 24 IU diaries of weeks of HGH 9-10 200 mg per day of Masteron 100 mg daily of winny inj tablets of 200 mg/day of Halotestin 400 mg/day via Winny 24 IU daily insulin HGH IGF - 1 day 1-3 days of Aldactone show, Cytadren LASIX abuse was a theory, but still no autopsy was performed. It is a new version on his death: March 1996 Münzer died on 31 March. After the departure of a flight that brought back to the United States, Germany, popular pro Andreas Munzer came into serious physical ailments and died later at a local hospital of multiple organ failure nearly complete and completely. Some preliminary reports said Munzer, known addict a steroid medication thicken, they occur more poses of vascular blood (EPO-Erythropietin) stage. As blood doping, EPO promotes muscle glycogen super compensation. It is aesthetically appealing for bodybuilders because they may appear as completely as possible. Unfortunately, doctors believe, agreed, also dehydrated Münzer used in the process of medication. Interactions with other drugs, which was worse than in conjunction with the long flight. After the landing and begins to drink water once more, his blood could not quickly enough to recover and which caused further multiple organ failure. The first reports that the 31 years of the stomach of Münzer broke out fakes. However, the total failure of the institution, especially congestive heart leads to distortions the proportions of the body and a swollen stomach and,. .